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Belfast Children's Festival '17

Time certainly flies - it's that time of year again for the Belfast Children's Festival. This year, the launch was set in the Ulster Museum: with DJ's, party food, and a performance from Woofle's very own Dan Leith!

With Translink once again leading the sponsorship for this years programme, the task was to encourage those attending the festival to reduce their carbon footprint and take public transport.

For the posters, iconic characters from this years shows such as the space age meta perceptual helmets and the fantastically costumed 'horses' from Vuelos (Flights) mingle through some of Belfast's most notable landmarks. The use of the buses and train tracks then bring the viewer into the scene!

With the motion piece this year we had the pleasure of working with our floor-below-us-neighbours Streetmonkey. A Translink train takes you through an adventure of the fantastic things the festival has to offer!

There's a full to bursting programme this year and limited tickets are left, with some shows even sold out! So if you still want to be in with a chance of attending some of the events this festival, you can find out more and book tickets here