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Golden Popcorn Brand Refresh

Founded in 1996, Golden Popcorn Ltd is the leading manufacturer of cinema style popcorn in Northern Ireland. We first worked with the company in 2011 when they asked us to design packaging for a new Salty & Sweet flavour to go alongside their existing range. When we looked at the existing packaging, we felt it needed updated so suggested a brand refresh with a completely new design for the new flavour which could also be adapted and applied to the existing product.
Having an existing product can made life a little easier. Using existing packaging, we could assess pros and cons analyzing what worked and what didn't work on the existing packaging to help with the development of a new design.


The company wanted the branding on the packaging to remain recognizable to its existing customer base requesting that their logo progressed into the new look and feel we were creating. Golden Popcorn had a clear flavour differentiation with red and blue coloured packaging corresponding to the two existing flavours. We continued this colour distinction into the new design.

The new look and feel created a connotation of heritage, tradition and establishment. Reminiscent of a bygone era with a subtle nod to the traditional an iconic old-fashioned striped sweet shop style was channeled in the packaging redesign of the salty & sweet flavour to compliment the established offering.

The cartoon explosion style logo supplied by the company was of low resolution and couldn’t be used in the final packaging. We overcame this challenge by redrawing the logo using the same typeface as the rest of the packaging and toning down the vibrancy of the colouring to blend better with the new design.

In January 2015 the family owned company was taken over but our solid relationship with the company continues. We had been approached before this takeover to resign packaging for a new flavour and had produced mock up designs which the new owners signed off. We took this opportunity to address the disconnected logo which we felt was not completely on brand. With the new bag designs in circulation for 4 years, the brand identity was apparent to consumers and so changing the logo to fully integrate into the look and feel of the brand was a natural progression.


We used the abstract popcorn shape design on the packaging to create the logo, keeping the colour, the typeface was edited slightly. This streamlined the overall look while giving the logo an independence for use on marketing materials, signage and van livery.