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At Paperjam we want to work with aspirational people, products and brands who share our blue sky thinking. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to share our knowledge and experience. 

As our company grows we are becoming more selective in who we work with and the projects we get involved in. So we have decided to look for partners who we believe to have the magical something that we are looking for, This can either be the quality of the offering or indeed the ethics of the business.

So we are selecting companies who we think need our help and that we believe have the heart and quality we are looking for. We will offer them our time for FREE and give them advice on how to take their company to the next level. 

All you need to do is to apply.. or if you know someone who we can help please share this page and ask them to get in contact.


For more information please contact


*but we want you to be outstanding in your field.