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making it 10

We were asked to help Craft NI celebrate 10 years of their highly successful business development programme, Making It. Making It is a 2-year business start-up programme for makers in craft and applied arts. The exhibition features the work of 24 of the 33 designer makers who have successfully completed the programme and through it established high quality, and in many cases, internationally recognised craft businesses.

We had to find a way of including all of the 24 featured artists on the brochure, not giving any priority over any of the pieces, but also making the most of each of the separate images we received - mostly from different sources and of varied quality. We really wanted to create something that stood out from the norms in an exhibition environment, something that echoed the quality and craft that went in to making the works on display.

Well done to all of the Designer Makers featured in the Exhibition, which runs from the 31st of July to the 9th of September. Find more information on Craft NI