Anthony Jamieson

Anthony Jamieson came to Paperjam with the plan of starting his own business as an estate agent around the buzzing and ever upcoming Ormeau Road, Belfast. After being in the industry for over 20 years, Anthony Jamieson brought the necessary expertise needed for the task. With Paperjam's help, he achieved a professional, well presented look for his business. 

The social demographic of the Ormeau Road is made up of young professionals and young families, all eagerly involved with the reinvention of a new Belfast. Fitting to the audience we decided to develop a modern, contemporary look suitable for this audience.

We set the tone for this look with a purely typographic logo. Whilst the mark is simplistic, the colorspace that separates it draws a line between the two "O"s in Anthony Jamiesons Name. This suggests the process of moving itself - drawing a connection between to circled locations on a map, or connecting two places like on a underground plan. With this in mind, the stroke through the "O"'s are part of the core of the Look & Feel for Anthony Jamieson.

Since Anthony Jamieson has a high street office on the Ormeau Road that was only a shell at the beginning of the Branding Process, Paperjam had the chance to advise on the Look & Feel of the business space. We really enjoyed seeing a lot of our ideas (like the Chesterfield Sofa on the polished Concrete Floor) brought to life!

Any estate agent will tell you that board presence is crucial in driving business forward. The colour choice paired with the line striking through both O’s has made my board highly visible and attractive. This backed up by input into my web design, office style, stationary and initial marketing completed the full remit, making me stand out from the crowd.
Anthony Jamieson