We love every little bit of work we do here at Paperjam, but every now and again a project comes along where we really think that what we are doing will benefit peoples lives. That is exactly how we felt when Luke de Pulford approached us to develop a platform for two linked projects he is involved in – “Arise - Talitha Kum” and the “Arise Foundation”.


We were brought in to give a face to the worldwide network of consecrated life committed against trafficking of people who have taken on the Moniker of “Arise – Talitha Kum”. It was our job to brand the network in a way that was sympathetic to the cause, and would ultimately increase the recognition of the work these people are involved in.

 After our initial research into the subject we found that the process of “Redaction” was very appropriate to what trafficked people have been through.


The Icon


Redaction is the censoring or obscuring of part of a text for legal or security purposes. Which used to hide the original meaning/personality of the text so the new audience see it as something different or of a lesser use. This also struck a chord with us and had strong parallels in our minds with people that had been trafficked, and how their identity had been hidden and their past had been removed.

A redaction bar came to be a big part of our design for the icon; we developed several different versions of an icon, using the redaction bar as the main idea throughout but all with strong typography that gave the voice of “Arise – Talitha Kum” a loud and authoritative tone across all languages.



You can see how we have used it on our promotional materials such as posters below, blocking the subject’s mouth as if their voice has been taken from them.





The use of colour was deliberately bare, as we needed the brand of “Arise – Talitha Kum” to be as universal as possible, without any stereotypes or pre disposed ideas coming to mind when you look at it. Human Trafficking occurs in all walks of life and all genders so we decided that all the colour should come from the photography used to support the brand.



Arise Foundation


We followed the same thought process when designing the brand for the “Arise Foundation”. Arise Foundation and Arise - Talitha Kum are intricately linked, the fact we are using the same name is testament to that. Due to this we thought that altering the look of the icon drastically, or even so much as changing typefaces may be detrimental to the strength of the foundation and its relationship to the work Talitha Kum has already been involved with.


We developed a more stripped back version of the typography that didn’t have as strong and loud of a tone as this wasn’t required. The redaction bar theory was brought through in a way that frames the secondary type nicely, while the word “Arise” is identical to how its looks in “Arise – Talitha Kum” giving a strong feeling of continuity throughout.




As the “Arise Foundation” is primarily an organization that raises money to enable the work of different charities, we decided that it needed a platform to gather information as well as donations. We developed a website that took advantage of the video and photography that was commissioned for the Foundation and offers different actions like:


  1. Donations
  2. Information on how to help on a grassroots level
  3. How to get in contact with the charity for further information