Armagh Bramley Apples

"From the Garden of Eden to William Tell there is no fruit as swathed in romanticism and folklore as the apple, and where would science be without the falling fruit that led Isaac Newton to form his theory of gravity?"
the guardian

Apples, what a beautiful topic. We felt very easily inspired about this packaging and branding project. Armagh Bramleys aren't just some apple, they are recognised by professional chefs and home cooks alike as the best apple for cooking. Our client Renee, who has family within the Armagh Orchards, will sell them already peeled and chopped in a jar and make the cooking process one step easier and Bramleys even more attractive as an ingredient.

 The Design had to communicate that this is a high end product and at the same time explanatory as the chopped apples in the jar don't look like Bramleys anymore.

After researching the endliessly rich topic of Apples the decision on the company name “10 seeds” was made. 10 seeds are the highest amount of seeds in a high quality Bramley Apple. It is a sign for a very good quality apple.

For the visual directions we wanted something that has a handmade, honest and original feel. Soft and modern watercolour Illustrations from the apples created the look we were hoping for.


With apples there is only 3 real colours we can choose from Reds, Greens and Browns. We envisaged the colours to have a rich, elegant and historic personality, while referencing nature and having “earthy” tones.

We designed recepy flyers to hand out to people and inspire there culinaric creativity with the product. More hand out material were "twitter bookmarks" - with little inspirational tips for the use of Bramleys and to drive traffic to the social media sites of 10seeds

A big thanks to the guys at Paperjam Design for 10 Seeds artwork great company to work with
Renee Quinn