Dance Resource Base exists to support the dance community in Northern Ireland. They provide facilities and resources for people involved in dance, as well as playing an advocacy role in raising the profile of the art form.

Paperjam were awarded the tender for this initiative driven by Dance Resource Base and partner dance companies, festivals and venues to support the development of dance audiences in Northern Ireland and to raise the visibility of ongoing dance activity to the people of Northern Ireland.

The brief included naming, branding, website, and a method of capturing contacts to create a database of audiences over the various spectrums of dance in Northern Ireland.

Paperjam were firstly tasked with naming this venture and set about the usual process of researching what this scheme needed to say, presenting and brainstorming ideas which lead to the name ‘Attendance’. This name was so crisp it needed no further development. It was one of those rare lightbulb moments!


When writing the name Attendance, the ‘dance’ was lowered as a subtle indentation. It can be read as one or two words making it descriptive, directional yet abstract.


The designers felt that as dance is a human body orientated art which produces heat and movement, this needed to be reflected in the look and feel of the brand. They experimented with warm colours choosing Burgundy red, nude and pale yellow.


Once the look and feel was developed it was applied to the website. Although there were 16 organisations involved with this venture, the website was a simple platform to showcase them and communicate their events.

 As a site promoting dance it was important to include movement on the screen. The client had provided photography but to get the right look for the site and capture the movement, the designers met with 2 dancers/choreographers from of the featured companies and captured footage and images. These were treated within the colours of the website and loops of video added to the top banner.

ATTENDANCE is a dance audience development campaign so Paperjam also produced an email template which the client could send out to their mailing list, to facilitate the generation of a more substantial mailing list a postcard was also created. This postcard was the only print collateral which made the budget go further for the client.