Director Ryan Gordon wanted to start up a sports nutrition company selling a range of products including whey protein, vitamins, drinks and supplements.

Ryan approached Paperjam Design to help name is start-up company and create a brand to help get his company to market.

“My thoughts on Paperjam’s previous work were very positive, so I arranged a meeting with Paul to discuss how Paperjam could help me develop a brand for the sports nutrition market.”
— Ryan Gordon, Director


Paperjam began by naming the company - we needed to create a name that would be short and snappy and easily remembered. The name also needed to reflect the market whilst also standing out from the competition. After a lot of research and development Paperjam presented a number of directions and Ryan settled on Bodify.


Once the name had been selected Paperjam then developed the brand - looking at the highly competitive market Ryan was entering we decided the brand needed to be bold, clean and strong - Bodify needed to stand out from the noisy competition and stand out on the busy shelves.

With these considerations Paperjam created a brand using bold type, strong colours and a visual style that would be strong but not too masculine.


To create the visual style Paperjam organized and art directed a photoshoot, with Christopher Martin and two models, one male and one female. The photos resulting from the shoot were atmospheric and showed the well-sculpted bodies of the models in elegant poses without looking like stereotypical body builders.


Paperjam used the photography from the shoot, overlaying a series of images to give a sense of movement in the finished images - this was used for all the Bodify marketing materials, advertising and packaging. The quality and atmosphere created in the photography helped create a sense of quality and evoked the feelings of a high-end premium product, and a product that would be suitable for audiences ranging from the serious body builders to casual gym goers.

To ensure the quality of the branding was carried across all elements of the company we helped Ryan source packaging that would help reflect the high quality of his product and assisted Ryan with Ryan with the front-end design of his website.


From the outset I was able to see how enthusiastic they are about their work and the lengths they go to when developing a brand. The process and end result were very professional and I would not hesitate in recommending them.
Ryan Gordon, Director