Buildings on Sure Foundations

In November 2014 Paperjam were asked by the Diocese of London to produce a publication to promote and highlight the church buildings within the Diocese.



This collection tells stories of how buildings that lay locked and empty have been reopened through a commitment of time, money and energy from those who longed to see them filled by new worshiping communities. It also records simple things: an open door, a new way of using a space, a new welcome to the community. The hope is to recount all these in more detail through Capital Vision 2020: the tale of one hundred new and renewed worshiping communities, and church buildings opened up to the communities around them; stories of possibilities in new and old places.



Paperjam were asked to design a publication to reflect the work the Diocese has done so far towards these efforts. We were provided with the content for this book from the very start which made the task much easier as we were able to plan the layout around this content rather than making it fit a predetermined template.



The church provided us with photography of varying quality so we had to come up with a graphic based solution. We did this by pulling out quotes from the text and making it into a big statement with strong type treatment where the typography becomes and image in itself. The overall effect was young and engaging look which draws the reader in to explore the content.


we were amazed how paperjam were able to give the booklet such a visual impact through their layout and pull out quotes!
Beth Surgenor, Capital Vision 2020 Assistant