Situated in the Cathedral Quarter (some say the cultural heart) of Belfast, CQHQ offers attractive office spaces for the business owner who knows just how important an address can be.

Offering an affordable office solution whether that be a desk in a shared office or a private office space. At CQHQ businesses can thrive on an all inclusive, no frills approach with a flat fee of £150.00 for a desk, internet, phone line, electric and heat included.

Paperjam began this project with a naming exercise, brainstorming names that would be appealing to young business involved in the creative industries - building on the ethos of its location (in the heart of the cultural hub of the city)


The branding and visual styling used strong colours and clean utilitarian design helping reinforce the no frills business model.

The branding and visual style will be carried through to all areas of the company including the building itself. In consultation on the interior design Paperjam suggested ways to carry the branding through to the interiors - with grey signature walls, the yellow type signage, grey doors with yellow edging.

Paperjam also consulted on the exterior signage and entrances - creating a building with real impact, an office that would make the right impression and fit comfortably into the cultural heart of Belfast. 

As a prime advertising space Paperjam suggested dropping a banner form the side of the building with a very clear message and clear price point - continuing with the no frills, utilitarian brand ethos.


During the creation of the website visuals, Paperjam identified the opportunity to feature CQHQ branding on the roof of the building - which could be picked up by the Google satellite in it's next ‘maps’ update.