Campbells Auction house, a family run business based in Cookstown has been passed down through generations. They contacted us here at Paperjam to help take them into the 21st Century by rebranding them for a modern and digital audience.

Old Identity:

Campbells are specialists in house and office clearances, but also deal with antiques and furniture sales. We approached this project in the same way as we would with any other, by diving straight into researching the sector. What we found was that the range of branding styles in this sector are hugely varied, with no real norms or best practices, but also that they are all very tenuously completed. Our aim then, was to give Campbells a brand to be proud of, so they could apply it to everything they do and develop a strong visual identity unlike any other business in the market.

So we decided to focus on the one thing that stood out about Campbells Auctions, which to us was definitely the heritage of the businesss within the Campbell family.

To this end we looked at old illustrative type styles from the likes of the 1950’s for inspiration. Things like washing – up liquids often have very visually striking and shouty designs, which we thought suited the tone of what we were going for in giving the Campbells heritage a visual style.

We realised that just having a strong typographic style was simply not enough for this brand, and that the sheer amount of different kinds of items that Campbells have in stock required their own time in the limelight. In order to do this, we placed the items centre stage, everyday appliances that usually aren’t renowned for being photogenic or having cover model potential. This forms an ironic contrast which fits to the eclectic Campbell’s collection. This is a soft but at the same time striking identity that stands out from everything that you would expect to see in this market.

The visual styling is close enough to the branding of the famous Campbell’s Soup cans, that we knew people would think we where trying to simply copy it. In order to allow people to know that we where aware of this, we came up with the strap line of; “Everything but Soup”. This cheeky line is perfect for describing what it is Campbells do, but also gives a nod to what we know people will be thinking.





Campbell's Auction Rooms.
Campbell's Auction Rooms.