Cavanagh Free Range Eggs

Eileen and John came to us to develop the brand of their business - Cavanagh Free Range Eggs. Established in March 2012 and now with a production of over 12 million eggs per year, they already had a rough brand featuring stock images, but wanted us to develop something that was entirely their own. 


We started by defining the core values of the family run company:


  1. Family Run
  2. Quality eggs ethically produced
  3. Multi-award winning


We began developing a set of visual styles that effectively communicate these three core values.




For the typography we chose a light-hearted tone and a certain amount of personality without being too exaggerated. The bouncy Brushtype speaks for the happy hens and the family business while the secondary slab serif typeface works well with the Brushtype adding structure and readability.


The Icon


With the type chosen, we worked on a style for the logo. The previous version of the Cavanagh Free Range Eggs’ logo typeface and Icon look dated. While the egg shape is a nice idea the icon has to many similarities with recent fashionable logo designs. We stripped back the logo completely to the 2 most important features:


  1. The Company name
  2. The Product i.e. eggs.


These two features came together with our choice of colours to create a simple and effective icon. We also produced a secondary badge showcasing the pride the company has in being family run. The banner and rosette shapes work together in giving the product an artisan feel. 



Supporting Imagery


As one of our core values was the quality of the product, it stands to reason that the welfare of the chickens is a very important to the company. For this reason we wanted to include imagery of chickens on the packs. The stock image being used on the previous packaging was used on other egg packs in Scotland belonging to 2 different egg packers - this could create problems for Cavanagh’ eggs reputation.


Cavanagh needed a solution that is entirely their own, but the actual chickens didn’t seem to suit in our search for a friendly cover model. - once you actually look close up at a chicken's face you might just discover similarities to a dinosaur? 


So instead of using photographs of chickens, we decided to illustrate our very own mascot. This way we can add character to the Cavanagh chicken that will never look the same as any other company.


The Packaging


All of these visual elements came together on the packaging, creating a friendly and eye catching look that is very different to anything currently on the shelves in the UK market.


Promotional Materials


We also produced several promotional materials for use in different shows and events that the company attend. This included leaflets, rollup banners and uniforms, as well as “Name that Chicken” competition entry forms specifically for use in the 2016 Balmoral Show.


Paperjam were so easy to work with. They took on our project with great enthusiasm! They came down to Fermanagh and met us and our hens to get a feel for who we are and what we needed to be portraying to the consumer. We had a lot of hiccups on the way but they dealt with everything so calmly as they met the challenges and put our minds at ease. Fantastic people to work with and they made us feel very welcome on our treks to Belfast and it felt like our second home. Great teamwork and a great atmosphere in the office. Thank you so much for all you have done for us so far!
Eileen Hall