Common Youth

We were approached By Brook NI, who supply sexual advice and counselling for young people, They explained that they planned to move away from the umbrella company based on the mainland. This required that they came up with a whole new name and direction which was understandably a little scary. 

With a brand as iconic and as well known as "Brook NI" we carefully considered the naming process and created surveys and feedback forms that we used to engage the organisations audience along the way. 

After several weeks the name "Common Youth" was settled on for us It was important to have the word Youth in the title as this specified the target audience. We also felt that we wanted to show solidarity with in the age group that they had more in common than they did differences. It was also made clear that the name should be ambiguous and not have the words "Sex", "Clinic", "Counselling" or similar in the name as perhaps the visitor may not want someone to accidentally discover they were attending.

Next we created a bespoke simple typed identity for them that was clear clean and clearly readable.

Rather than produce a simple colour palette for this client we wanted to create a multitude of vibrant colours that could be interchanged and combined for all their market materials.  



We were a little scared to start as we had to change the name of our 25 year old organisation. Paul and his team made us relax and enjoy the process. To say we are are not only proud but ecstatic with the results would be a vast understatement. Paperjam listened to us at every stage of their process and I don't think we could of got through this process without their unfailing professionalism and vision.
Arlene McLaren CEO