Craft Month 2015

Craft Month, an initiative of Craft Northern Ireland, is an annual celebration of contemporary craft in Northern Ireland. It is delivered by a partnership of craft-related organisations across Northern Ireland. 

After the redesign of the Craft Month Leaflet in 2014 we won the contract to create the following look for 2015.

We reviewed the layout from the 2014 brochure and agreed that the type of brochure was still effective but the way in which the information was communicated could be improved. The 2014 events had been categorised geographically by county but with events ranging from workshops to exhibitions to seminars we decided it would be more structured to present this information in the relevant categories. So while the type of brochure was the same as the previous year, this brought a fresh approach.


When we considered the front page of the leaflet, we decided to revert back to the more simplified Craft NI logo without the figure 8. This suited for the 8th anniversary of the previous year, but this year we asserted the number 15 to represent the year and kept the Craft NI logo prominent. and on brand.


With the suggestion of reorganising the content flow on the Leaflet paperjam improved the effectiveness of the information - with so many events happening this was a great idea!
Rebecca Mairs