Craft NI Christmas Campaign

We have been working with Craft NI for a number of years now, and when they approached us needing some content for their annual Craft Christmas Campaign, we couldn't wait to get into the festive spirit. 

After seeing the range of Craft - makers, the different disciplines and styles, we decided we needed a way to display the work equally on each of the different deliverables. As this was a web based campaign, we needed to create a whole host of different materials for the team at Craft NI to share slowly over the lead up to Christmas.

To this end, we decided to base our design around a Christmas bauble, which would house the different pieces from each maker giving them equal weight and linking them all seamlessly with the theme of the campaign which was of course, buying local craft as gifts.

The Christmas bauble is not just an average bauble, it is shaped in the form of the Logo of CraftNI that houses the pieces of craft. We photographed a bauble in the studio and then carefully shaped it into the Logo form in post production. 

Check out some of our favourite pieces below:


We love this campaign. It is so stylish and at the same time festive, without shouting Christmas. The Logo shape in the bauble is just genius.
Orla McGrady