Curated Kitchen

Food for the social and curious.

An ambitious new venture for food and coffee lovers alike located within the heart of the Cathedral Quarter.

Limited item, limited time menus that are curated from ever changing world wide food culture—such as from cookbooks, newspapers and magazines, to TV, online and social, and those shared by guests and collaborators.



With the Cathedral Quarter being steeped in architectural heritage, we were bound to find a hidden gem within the premises of Curated Kitchen. This beautifully embellished ceiling was restored to it's former glory, and provided the base for our patterns throughout the brand.


With a limited weekly changing menu, it was essential to create a clear flexible layout that could be adapted from day to day.









Paperjam were successful in a competitive pitch process that considered not just cost but also the intangibles of ‘do they actually understand my project and can they deliver?’ After spending a couple of hours talking through the project with Paul and team I had no doubt the answer to both would be yes. Now, having worked closely with the team for six months, I can confirm that not only is the answer to both is ‘yes’ but they have added considerable value beyond my original expectations. Just look at our aprons, signage and takeaway cups! Deciding to work with Paperjam is without doubt one of the best decisions that I have made in the short history of Curated Kitchen and I look forward to working with them for a long time to come.
Alan Cahoon