Faith in Politics

The Catholic Parliamentary and Public Affairs Internship Scheme provides eight recently graduated Catholics with intensive experience of political and social action.
The Scheme offers a great experience, but the promotional methods were outdated and they wanted to extend their reach to a greater number and wider range of applicants. Through asking current and past interns how they found out about the scheme we decided that the promotional methods were outdated and their reach was very limited. 

On former A4 Flyers the scheme had a clip-art header as their identity with too much text diluting the message.

We first of all had to define a campaign name that communicated the internships topic without having to use the mouthful of words in the previous name. With the "faith in politics" we achieved to communicate the religious aspect of the governmental internships. 

We wanted to reduce the number of words within this brand but still get the message across. So rather than add a graphic visual reference we decided to progress with a well-considered Logotype. The brand will develop from the usage of it along with surrounding elements such as images and video.

For the main type of the logo, we used a Newspaper Font Family. This was chosen as it suggested a certain heritage and trustworthy tone, but also because it contrasted very well with our chosen secondary typeface, which is Agenda. It was based on a 1916 typeface called Johnston that was designed for the London Underground, that being said it is a very British and very London connected typeface.

Together, these 2 typefaces create a very clear and communicative logo type. It is all about keeping it clear, clean and easy to read.


When considering the colours we wanted to use for this brand, it was very important for us to strike a balance between Heritage and freshness. The darker of the 2 colours symbolises the trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth required in a field such as politics, while the other lighter colours symbolises open communication and clarity of thought.

The photography that leads the campaign is all about the interns themselves. The purpose of this branding is to encourage more prospective interns to apply for this opportunity, so we decided to use a photography style that faces the viewer and makes eye contact with the camera. When combined with a testimonial from the pictured intern, it creates a strong sell.

Additionally we captured cityscapes in London - especially of the Parliament to support the look of the marketing collateral. 

However it was Paperjam's main task to design a fully responsive and engaging website as the main marketing tool. The scheme will be easiest to reach for final year students if it is fully available online. 

The application forms that were so far delivered in two different parts via the traditional postal system, which implied a lot of paper handling. This caused the process to be very time consuming. For that reason paperjam developed a fully online based application process. This makes the selection faster and easier. 


I just want to say an enormous thank you to you and your team for the Faith in Politics website. It was the first thing I looked at when I got to work this morning and it is great! It really captures the essence of the internship, and it feels like the scheme has really been given a fresh online identity.
Stephanie MacGillivray