Fighting Words Belfast

Fighting Words Belfast runs free creative writing workshops for children and young people aged 6 to 18. School and youth groups set out on a story-writing journey with trained volunteer mentors, working first collaboratively, then individually to create stories.

Young at Art took Fighting words under the umbrella of their organisation and asked us to create a identity for them that sits clearly with the Young at Art brand. We wanted to avoid diluting the strength of the Young at Art “Y” while wanting to create a sub-brand that references the parent company. We didn’t want to use another letter to represent Fighting Words that would take away fromt he impact of the "Y".

Inspired by this bold name we decided to use an exclamation mark as the icon for the brand. If the “!" sits with the “Y" from Young at Art it also supports rather than competes with it. We love their work and think Fighting Words Belfast has the strongest Brand of all Fighting Words organisations.

We loved from the start the quote mark pattern and how much it works as a standalone identity while being clearly part of the Young at Art branding.
Hannah Armstrong, Project Co-ordinator Fighting Words Belfast