Food for Thought

When a client walks through the Paperjam door, we take pride in the fact that we will do right by them.. even if sometimes that means telling a client that their ideas need a bit (sometimes a lot) of tweaking. Food for Thought was one of those clients. 

The food industry consultancy came to Paperjam seeking a creative identity which would assist in growing not only its brand awareness, but its customer base. Typically, when we think of a consultancy, we think of a sterile, boring identity which lacks individuality and character.

So what did we do? We added personality.

After conducting market research and taking a collaborative approach, we provided a new name which would resonate with the consultancy’s target audience. Enter, ‘Food for Thought’. The unique typography with bespoke rounded lettering ensured the type was more visually appealing, whilst still remaining professional within its sector. 

Rounding of the letting for added character

 Rounding of the lettering for added character


A further touch of flourish was added to h, g and t to ensure the type was bespoke.

The finished product!

A bright, interchangeable colour palette added further character to the new identity of the consultancy by ensuring personality was evident throughout all content created, whilst still following brand guidelines.