Galileo Foundation

The aim of the newly founded Galileo Foundation is to work towards a world where the freedom and dignity of every human being is valued and protected. One of there main focuses is to eliminate modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. 
The Foundation aims to support special projects of the Pope Francis through philanthropy, with a special emphasis on the work of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences. 

GALILEO GALILEI is the Founder Member of the Academy at the Vatican and as the Galileo Foundation is linked to the Academy and named by its Founding Member, the branding process had to be evolved around Galileo himself.

“the bible shows the way to heaven, not the way the heavens go”

Galileo Galilei

Galileo’s original drawings and notes as well as other publications of his time became part of the main focus in our research. 

These notes were the inspiration for the development of the Galileo Foundation Identity.

A star formed out of planets, interpreting the graphical feel of Galileo’s original notes on astronomy. A sun is in the center, describing the heliocentric system - the fatal touching point between Galileo and his christian faith. This icon has a classical feel, it is abstract, not just copying astronomical phenomens, but reflecting the notes of Galileo.

The typefaces used within the branding and guidelines reflect the original look and feel of Galileos Publications during his lifetime.

We decided to go back to the ancient, classical look of a Roman all-capitals typeface for the Identity - it  can be originated back as far as AD 113 - and gives the branding the historic feel it deserved. 

To break with the tradition and freshen the Look and Feel of the Branding, paperjam chose a Headline Typeface that is very much from Galileo's own time period. We decided to introduce a Trajan based typeface with a lower case:
La Gioconda - by the Renaissance lettering master Giovanni Francesco Cresci - he was the first to combine the elegance and proportions of the Trajan Roman capitals, and interpret a humanistic solution for a lowercase. 

The stationary and foundation booklet were printed on G.F Smith Colorplan  Cool Grey. All Print was finished by Mount Street Printers in London.

To compliment the branding, we also created a beautiful, effective, but simple website.

I want to thank paperjam for doing such a great job on all the design stages of the Galileo Foundation. The end result is all that I had hoped and I know that the Branding will be most effective for the foundation's work and mission.
John McCaffrey, President