Golden Popcorn

Golden Popcorn, founded in 1996 is the leading manufacturer of cinema style popcorn in Northern Ireland. Family owned and based in Belfast, the company supplies cinemas, supermarkets, bowling alleys, fun fairs and ice-cream vendors throughout Ireland. As well as supplying popcorn in bulk, the company began to sell a new product range of pre-packed popcorn to supermarkets and convenience shops.

Original Sweet Popcorn Packaging


In 2011 Golden popcorn decided to launch a new flavour– ‘salty and sweet’ in an individually packed bag and approached Paperjam to help with their new packaging - they wanted design that would open up new markets. We suggested they do something completely different for the new flavour removing it from their somewhat dated packaging that currently existed. 


Original Salted Popcorn Packaging

The aim was to reinvent this product for a modern market - Popcorn has been very popular from the 18oo’s and we wanted to reference this with a striped pattern and muted tones, giving the packaging a traditional guise.

The new look packaging has been hugely successful, with Golden Popcorn becoming the top selling popcorn products on Tesco Ireland’s shelves, outselling many other national popcorn brands.



We wanted to create packaging that was a nod back to the grand old days of cinema popcorn, using a clean line based design forms a solid eye-catching backdrop for the graphic to sit on. The graphic is based on a fluffy piece of popcorn. This is accompanied by bouncy type giving the product an overall nostalgic and approachable look and feel.

The new design helped give the product a more sophisticated look, making it a more premium product iconic enough to stand-alone as the visual identity for Golden Popcorn.

After the success of the ‘salty and sweet’ packaging in 2011 Golden Popcorn decided to have a complete overhaul of all their packaging and contacted Paperjam once again to design new packaging for their other popcorn flavours.

Paperjam wanted to bring the other popcorn packaging in line with the ‘salty and sweet’ and again used the traditional styling of the stripes to evoke feelings of tradition and heritage whilst also introducing modern elements to the design.


The differentiation in the old packaging between the blue and red for the salty and the sweet helped customers clearly distinguish between flavours. Paperjam decided to retain this colour scheme in the new packaging while also introducing the stripes. Popcorn is synonymous with red and white stripes and we wanted to reference stripes while not simply mimicking the classic red and white designs.

The company wanted the branding on the packaging to remain recognisable to their loyal following of customers so they would not feel alienated by the new packaging designs. The comic explosion icon was still being used on their website, vans and on other marketing collateral so it would be a considerable cost to change this icon at that time. The designers redrew the logo using the same typeface as the rest of the packaging, toning down the vibrancy of the colouring to blend subtly into the new design.



The cartoon explosion style logo supplied by the company was of low resolution and couldn’t be used in the final packaging. We overcame this challenge by redrawing the logo using the same typeface as the rest of the packaging and toning down the vibrancy of the colouring to blend better with the new design.


In January 2015 the family owned company was taken over and our solid relationship with the company continues. We had been approached before this takeover to resign packaging for a new Sweet & Chilli flavour and had produced mock up designs which the new owners signed off. We took this opportunity to address the disconnected logo which we felt was not completely on brand.  With the new design having been in circulation for 4 years, the brand identity was apparent to consumers and so changing the logo to fully integrate into the look and feel of the brand was a natural progression.

 We used the abstract popcorn shape design on the packaging to create the logo, keeping the colour, the typeface was edited slightly. This streamline the overall look while giving the logo an independence for use on marketing materials, signage and van livery.

The new look packaging has been hugely successful, with Golden Popcorn becoming the top selling popcorn products on Tesco Ireland’s shelves, outselling many other national popcorn brands. 

The newly finished packaging has also been featured on Packaging of the world, Design Daily, Creative Inspiration and Package Design Magazine.


Paperjam exceeded our expectations with a stunning re-design of our packaging. The new design will stand out on the supermarket shelves and attract new customers to our products.
Lucy McDowell - Director, Golden Popcorn