ISDM Branding

Business Communications is such an overused phrase that it has lost all meaning… Our client ISDM described themselves as “Specialist in Business communications”. But once we dug a little deeper we learnt that they do so much more… They focus on creating a truly “work anywhere” environment giving business and corporations the tools to exchange thoughts and ideas, regardless of location. This can be remotely viewing a live presentation on the other side of the world, contributing to a brainstorming session by sketching thoughts onto a tablet that displays on a projector for the whole room to see. Or setting up a meeting table that allows you to push digital documents across the surface which then arrive in the receivers email. They can also install boardroom tables with video conferencing built in to track and focus on whoever is talking and link securely to any attendees anywhere in the world.

Paperjam relished the opportunity to work with such a future thinking company as it brought out the Geek in us all.

The first thing we discovered when we researched the company was it wasn’t about selling boxes with flashy lights. ISDM pride themselves on tailoring products to suit the needs of their clients, and offer the best solution within the required budget. It really is about good service, getting to know what the client wants and sometimes suggesting a better or possibly cheaper alternative.

As ISDM Solutions were an existing company with a growing reputation it was not a possibility to change the company name. We had to shape the name to sell their values – Infrastructure, Service, Delivery, Management, Solutions.

As this was a technical company it was apparent from the start that their icon would mostly be seen on screens. This gave us the opportunity to create an animated icon which is ever more necessary in today’s communications. 



We looked at new visual ways to style the icon to suggest key phrases like network, communications and to give the rebrand a lighter, fresher look and feel that stood out and clearly defined their message and values.


Next came the website, we wanted to strip back the content and focus on the important elements.
The services offered by ISDM are so wide ranging, to list all they can do would be a very big list indeed, and could dilute people’s perception of what they do. But it was also important to show their knowledge. Our thoughts were to create a platform where they can review and compare changes in their industries, Helping show their knowledge and how ISDM are always looking not to what people should currently be doing but what they will be doing in future years.