Irish Song

Paperjam were privileged to be asked by Queens University Belfast (QUB) to name and brand this project as well as design a website to convey this extensive bygone collection.

Irish Song is an academic research project undertaken by Queen's University of Belfast, to create an accessible and inspiring collection of historical Irish song.

This is a vital collection of song in Ireland; contributing to the rich multiculturalism, regionalism and regional identities on these islands. This endeavor makes historical sources of music and poetry accessible to academics, historians, musicians and the wider public. QUB felt the collection required a new perspective of identification and classification.

This is a very important and necessary project of discovery and rediscovery. It documents music which has been passed down over generations but has never been collated. The research team working on this project are principles in their field sharing expert and in depth insights into the collections.

The objective was to create an accessible and central platform for an inspiring collection of historical Irish music and poetry, and to encourage the exploration and discovery of these historical scores amongst academics, historians, musicians and the wider public.


Research is vital for every project we undertake, but this project was much more intensive with the nature of the content and the range of ways it was to be communicated and categorised.

The compositions in the library are songs composed or performed in Ireland incorporating Gaelic, English and, for the medieval period, Latin and French. The name 'Irish song' encompassed the objectives of the project without being specific to any genre, period or dialect.

The design of the logo was inspired by the G clef which could shape the "S". The vertical shape of the "I" formed the vertical line of the clef, with the tail wrapping round the "I". I the final look of the logo had a Celtic script appearance.

This logo was designed to be responsive so it changed in appearance depending on which kind of device it is being viewed on.


For the overall look and feel of the brand, inspiration was drawn from the beauty of the music notation. Many of these manuscripts were aged and faded with diverse styles of calligraphy from various eras. The history and heritage of Irish Song could be translated with the colour pallet we conceived.

The search function on the website was quite substantial so we had to design a number of pages to deliver the required information. The look and feel of these pages portrayed the legacy, tradition and age of the music the search will produce. The results page further emphasised this with images of the manuscript but also producing various options to capture these results.


As an academic research project, we needed our design to reflect high intellectual values but also to reach out to wider audiences. Paperjam understood our project immediately and delivered a branding which we are delighted with
Professor Moyra Haslett - Queen's University Belfast