Learn Spark

Learn Spark is an education training, facilitation and consultation support service. They deliver courses to help progress and inspire learners to reach their full potential. 

Learn Spark came to Paperjam wanting a new brand to create more awareness of the full range of services and to communicate their informed, energised and progressive attitude.

Learn Spark's brand before coming to Paperjam..


Learn Spark is driven to promote and educate people in a tailored way, based on the needs of the learner. This inspired us to think of ways we could represent individuality and difference through the new brand.



A bespoke typeface was created which mimics the character style of the Learn Spark arrow.

How it looks now-

The re-brand has introduced a modern sense to the company which has taken inspiration from school revision notes with the bright vibrant colours and expressive colour palette.

Expect to see more outputs on this very soon...