London Centre for Spiritual Direction

The London Centre for Spiritual Direction approached paperjam for their 2017 rebrand.

The Centre nurtures and promotes spiritual direction among Christians in London and the surrounding areas. They offer training and development opportunities for individuals and groups including two formation courses for spiritual directors, supervision groups and a wide variety of workshops.

With their rebrand they needed a Mark that reflected their spiritual nature, is versatile for the different sub topics and becomes a gateway to attract a younger audience. Whilst the Centre currently is attracting mainly Clergy and 45+ they are looking to widen their audience to a younger people that are questioning what spirituality is and those who are just intrigued by the mystery of God.

The labyrinth is a symbol that the Centre feels very close to: not only because on the floor of the Centre's location is a big labyrinth, but also it represents the action of finding oneself, and the fact that whilst God may feel like a mystery (a labyrinth), that there is always a way around.

By extending some of the strong structural lines within the Logotype and weaving them into the shape of a Labyrinth we created one unified shape - one mark.

Through further guidance on pictures styles and marketing collateral we created a strong brand that appeals to a wider range of audiences by being clear, clean, modern and interesting.

Working with Paul and the team was a great experience, and we are delighted with the outcome. The process of developing the brand was both efficient and creative and we were well guided by Paper Jam throughout. Hopefully we will work together again on future projects.
Ali Lyon, Comms Consultant for London Centre for Spiritual Direction