McGrory's Hotel


McGrory’s is a family run hotel is Donegal which is a historic landmark in the local town of Culdaff, which has been renowned music venue for decades. Paperjam were called in to give the hotel a fresh look that was more in-keeping with the time; looking at the brand, exterior, interior and marketing communications. Also selling them as a Donegal venue to a local and international market. This was a very enjoyable project for the Paperjam team and they produced quite a comprehensive range of materials. 

This rebrand was inspired by the past. During a visit to McGrory’s, we found an old hand painted sign which had been hidden away for many years. The sign was painted by local artist and signage painter Willie Doran, who was a long time friend of the McGrory family.

By fortunate coincidence the colour pallet of this sign was very similar to what the business had already chosen for the new signage and exterior of the building with the addition of a purple tone. It was a natural progression in the design process to use this sign to create the look and feel for the brand. The whole look of the building was influenced by it, with the type influencing the final look of the logo. The sign is now a prominent feature in the Public Bar. 

Other work by the artist Willie Doran was reproduced to create bespoke signage for the exterior of the building in the style of an old postcard. McGrory's made an archive of photographs depicting the hotel over the years available to us. These illustrated Mcgrory’s as a deep rooted part of both Culdaff and Inishowen. We were able to use this heritage in a really creative way, incorporating these images into the design of stationary, merchandise and postcards tying in with the bespoke signage and selling the hotel as both a holiday destination and tourist attraction. 

As the business wanted to emphasise their location in Donegal, our in Sarah took shots of the external signage and went out into the local countryside to capture beautiful imagery of the landscape and scenery to convey the atmosphere and surrounding of the venue. These images were also used in marketing materials and stationary. The purple hues of the heather also attractively tied in with the colour palette of the brand. 

As part of the brief Paperjam produced a Room Book to provide to guests. Rather than produce a leather bound folder with the usual visitor information, we were able to use this selection of new and old images to create a book which was visually stunning.

It was evident to the design team that the McGrory family take great pride in their Culdaff roots. To reference this when producing marketing material for the music venue, a ‘Whats on’ program was produced as pocket size guide which folded out into a tourist map of Inishowen highlighting the Wild Atlantic way

The Pub is well known for the quality of the Guinness they serve. As a final touch to the exterior we created a specially commissioned Guinness sign which incorporated the McGrory’s Logo. 


Further materials for the music venues have also been produced to promote McGrory’s as a renowned music venue with a legacy of its own. We designed a selection of T- Shirts promoting various artists who have played in the venue over the years including Canadian astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, who played the venue in January 2014 during a visit as part of his role as Ireland Tourism ambassador. 


Paperjam very skilfully helped us tell our unique Donegal heritage and hospitality story
John Reynolds - McGrorys