Mourne Dew

Inspired by the rich history of the Mournes, Mourne Dew created a selection of spirits using local botanicals through the process of vacuum distillation. Our task was to collate a history for the brand using a backdrop of the Mournes and to connect the individual narratives of each spirit made from the botanicals in the Mournes.

Paperjam worked with Mourne Dew to provide visual direction, a logo,name suggestions, bottle choice and design for a gin.

The research process:




There has been a prolific amount of writing about the Mournes due it is beautiful vistas, wealth of colour and textures and it is the setting of countless folklore tales.

Our intention was to present Mourne Dew with a set of visuals that marry poetry and stories with the textures, colours and flavours of Mourne. 

Chosen typeface:

This typeface reminds us of old hill walking or national cycle route signs. It works well for body copy yet has unique quirks that lend itself to working as a logotype. Its design is inspired by sign painting and has a hand formed quality that harks at Irish craft & old shop fronts.

The final logo and product: