Northbound Brewery

Martina and David Rogers came to Paperjam in April 2013 for help with their new venture. The couple had recently relocated from Australia to Ireland and were planning to establish a beer brewery in their current location, the shores of Lough Enagh – a little outside the city of Derry / Londonderry.

David, originally from Glasgow, met Martina, originally from Fermanagh, and moved to Australia a little over 8 years ago. While in Australia David began to study for his masters in brewing and after 7 years of study he has gained the title of Master Brewer.

The couple invited us to their beautiful location on Lough Enagh to show the team the brewery location and give a little bit of background information.

Paperjam were instantly inspired by the couples story and the location of the brewery and wanted to incorporate these into the brewery branding.

Paperjam began to work on the visual directions for the couples first beer. 3 strong creative directions emerged, the first emphasised the journey the couple took from Australia to Ireland and how the first beer produced would be their Maiden Voyage.


The second design referenced the migratory nature of the couple’s travels and used small migrating birds to emphasise this theme.

And the final visual direction was inspired by numbers significant to the couple, whether they were dates, coordinates or numbers relating to each beer.








After this initial presentation of visual ideas the couple chose numbers as their final direction.

Passionate about the brewing process and creating beers from the finest handpicked ingredients they created beer no.26. 

Beer no.26 has a nicely balanced, refreshing and aromatic flavour with a bold hop character giving a tangy taste to the palate. 

The beer is from the Master Brewer’s collection of recipes that are categorized by their measure of bitterness. “26” comes from the International Bitterness Measure (IBU) this gives the brewer and drinker an indication of the kick experienced when tasting this expertly crafted beer.  

Following the successful branding and packaging exercises Paperjam went on to art direct a photo shoot and video shoot at the family's location on the shore of Lough Enagh.



Following the shoot Paperjam created a short video and website, launched in December 2013.


Northbound Brewery’s new branding and packaging design has been featured on Oh Beautiful Beer, Design Week, Creative Inspiration and Packaging of the World.

'Paperjam clearly understood what we are trying to achieve and they too were passionate about our business.' 'We are extremely happy with the outcome and hope to work with the team in Paperjam again in the future.'
- Martina Rogers