Northbound Website

Continuing our work with Northbound Brewery, Paperjam have travelled with them to the next stage in the journey designing their online presence. As the demand for their product increases, Northbound needed to branch out from social media to a fully fledged website. They required a site which could showcase their brand, product and show where their beer is available to buy. 

Paperjam designed a simple platform which communicates the brand effectively. Various aspects of the site are editable with a CMS which allows the site to evolve as the business does. With the slider, products can be added as they are developed, any news can be shared, such as their recent Great Taste award for their 08, Kolsch Styled Beer. An interactive map which can also be updated through the CMS shows the location of distributors.

The beauty of this website is that it is content light. There is a segment which is essentially an ‘About Us’ but this can be kept succinct keeping the focus on what makes Northbound Brewery unique and detailing their skill. Instead the video element of the site punctuates the content communicating the brand message more effectively than pages of content ever could and holds the attention of the viewer much longer the average page view.  

Northbound Brewery 2015 by Paperjam Design on Vimeo