Quinfresh Rebrand

When Quinfresh approached us to help take their existing brand to a whole new level, we quickly identified that a change of direction was needed.

Established in 1942, JJ Quinn & Sons was created by James J Quinn to fill an immense gap in the existing supply of fresh fruit and Vegetables within Northern Ireland to the wholesale, retail and catering industry. Quinfresh, it’s second subsidiary was formed in 2000 when director Peter Quinn began to look at ways of bringing the wholesale business to new clients, complimenting the product portfolio with an extensive range of new value added products.

As Quinfresh is a family run business, we decided very early on that this was something that needed to be addressed in the re-branding. In order to bring this family run feeling back to the brand, we focused on ways to bring back the heritage that “JJ Quinn & Sons” had.

With the use of typography in a sign painter style we tried to show the heritage of the business.

The word mark below was the version that was chosen for development, where we took the proposed style of lettering and tweaked little details to make it as communicative as possible. This including closing the "Q" down, taking the ligatures apart and adding a differently shaped "R" character:


Parallel to this, we also worked on the labels for the products that will be available in major supermarkets.  After exploring different illustrative styles to depict the fruits and vegetables in the products until we came up with a style that worked well with the chosen word mark direction.





It's been an absolute pleasure working with Paperjam. Not only do they have endless amazing ideas, they included us in the process, which has really enabled us to put our own stamp on things while being guided by Paul and the talented gang at Paperjam. Ever approachable with a caring attitude to their work, we look forward to creating more with Paperjam in the future.
Joseph Quinn