Rolltack Ltd is an equestrian equipment manufacturer based in Northern Ireland who have just designed their first product.

Through the Invest Northern Ireland Design Programme Paperjam were introduced to Clare Medland, company founder and creator of The Rolltack.

Paperjam were able to help Clare create a look and feel for her company and new product that would help her bring it to market. 

We were inspired by Clare's vision and her determination to get her new product to market and to make her new venture a success.

 “The Paperjam team are a delight to work with and really do put the best interests of my company and its product first! They have eased the pressure in regards to the design and marketing on me as I get closer to production.” – Clare Medland

The team in Paperjam wanted to create a brand for the company that would reference her product in a subtle way. 

Clare has created one of the most innovative equestrian products in recent times. This revolutionary product is designed to make life easier for every equestrian enthusiast who needs tack to ride.


The ‘Rolltack’ is a multi-purpose adjustable saddle trolley with a built in mounting block and storage unit.  It can be used by riders to carry and transport heavy, awkward tack during events - the innovative new product has been designed to accommodate all General Purpose, Jumping and Dressage saddles, so it can be used by most equestrians.

The language used would be light hearted and give a gentle nod to it's function of making life easier.

“Paul and his team constantly come up with very innovative ideas that support and promote the product and the brand.” – Clare Medland


The photography style selected aimed to give an atmospheric feel to Rolltack's advertising, not necessarily showing the product but showing a close up still of a horse to give atmosphere.

“We now have branding that will sit along side established top equestrian brands. The adverts designed are very eye catching and I am confident that they will bring more attention to our product and increase sales.” – Clare Medland

The final brand with its new look and feel was officially launched by the company on 7 October 2013 as they announced their pre-ordering and special introductory offers. They are currently preparing for their big product launch at Your Horse Live, Warwickshire in November.

In the run up to the official product launch the Rolltack was available for pre-order with free postage on the first 30. 

Since the establishment of the company's new branding and the launch of their innovative new product Rolltack have one from strength to strength entering into new markets and successfully selling their product on Amazon. 

Since the creation of Rolltack's initial branding Paperjam have continued to work with the company to roll out a marketing campaign - art directing a photo-shoot, creating marketing materials, adverts and promotional stands.

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The Paperjam team is a delight to work with and really do put the best interests of my company and its product first! We now have branding that will sit alongside established top equestrian brands.
Clare Medland, Rolltack.