Shortcross Gin

Rademon Estate Distillery is the first craft gin distillery to be established in Northern Ireland. The distillery was founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong, it is located just outside Crossgar, County Down, Northern Ireland on the couples historic family estate.

The distillery lies in a beautiful countryside estate surrounded by landscaped gardens, wild meadows and rivers with lots of wildlife.

Inspired by the distillery’s historic surroundings the design team at Paperjam wanted to generate a name for the couple’s first gin with a focus on their location and heritage.

The name Shortcross came from the Gaelic for Crossgar -‘An Chrois Ghearr’ meaning ‘the short cross’. It had history and heritage naturally associated with it and for David and Fiona it had meaning as it subtly referenced the location of their distillery.

With the selected name finalised for the couples first gin product, we then began to create a visual style for the branding and packaging that reflected the quality and uniqueness of their gin and would appeal to a high-end market.

The label documents the distillation process by openly displaying the batch number, flavour and alcohol content. This, along with a signature in handwritten type, helps emphasise the one of a kind artisan product and the craftsmanship that goes into each bottle of gin.


We focused on the heritage associated with the name ‘Shortcross’ and after some research discovered the short cross penny. The coin dates back to the tenth century and was one of the most successful English coin designs in history. Paperjam sourced an original coin and took high-resolution scans to incorporate into the gins branding and packaging.

We also wanted to focus on the fact that the gin distilled by the couple would be hand crafted, so the design team created areas on the label that would allow the couple to add their own personal touch to each bottle of Shortcross Gin. The copy created for the label also helped emphasis the handcrafted, artisan qualities of this super premium product.

The couple selected a traditional bottle shape with a heavy base, giving the additional feeling of a high end, premium product. Paperjam really wanted this product to stand out on a shelf and in the very competitive gin market – and so began to design labelling that would reinforce the quality of the gin, using 3 foils - silver, copper & black applied by CMI Print Services and heavy GF Smith textured parchment papers.

While David and Fiona were busy developing the flavours of their premium gin Paperjam focussed on finalising their label design, copy, printing and finishing techniques getting everything ready for the gin's launch in May 2014.

To ensure the couple had everything they would need to launch Paperjam created a website for the distillery and organised and art directed a photoshoot on the couples historic family estate with photographer Opposite Page.

Shortcross Gin successfully launched in May as the first small batch, craft gin distillery in Northern Ireland. To help launch the gin Paperjam were commissioned to manage the distillery's Public Relations - writing and issuing press releases to local media.

Shortcross Gin was featured in over 40 publications including Belfast Telegraph, The Independent, Ulster Business, Irish Post & The Spirit Business

Shortcross Gin is currently being distributed by James Nicholson Wine Merchants and is now available to purchase in Fortnum and Mason and leading bars and restaurants across Northern Ireland including James Street SouthHadskisJames Street South Bar & GrillOx BelfastBalloo HouseThe Parsons NoseThe Poachers PocketMuriels Café Bar and The John Hewitt.