Sweet Robyn's

Sweet Robyn's produces guilt-free snacks that have all the taste but none of the bad stuff. Their products are suitable for everyone- even the lactose intolerant, diabetic, vegan, body building or chocolate connoisseur. 

Paperjam travelled with Sweet Robyn's through the journey of a full rebrand which resulted in introducing more of a grunge vibe. To ensure Sweet Robyn's brand stood out, Paperjam chose a bolder colour palette in comparison to the original which was more subtle and low key. 

Although we wanted to reinforce that Sweet Robyn's are vocal advocates of clean eating, we chose to use a different terminology in order to depict a stronger meaning. This let customers know that Sweet Robyn's products taste damn good, as well as being guilt-free, without using the word 'healthy'.  

Here's where they started off. A brand that in no way reflected the business, or the people behind it.

In order to create something more raw, youthful, bold and energetic that reflected the personalities driving Sweet Robyn's, we began to look at traditional tattoo style illustrations, and took inspiration from old 'Sailor Jerry' styles.

From this, our illustrations began to develop and take shape, referring back to our original inspiration.

We devised a bold, almost neon colour palette and paired it with a more modern less cluttered take on a piece of blackletter type that holds a rebellious personality. 


Both these elements together forms Sweet Robyn's logo. A responsive approach was necessary due to the illustrative element, so several different iterations were created in order for the logo to adapt to several different sizes and formats.

Our experience of working with Paperjam was great. They showed great insight and experience in the way they came to understand our product, customer group and vision for the future. The designers had a sense of fun and enthusiasm, and really clicked with what we are about!
Robyn McWhirter, Sweet Robyn's