Taste & Tour

'Taste & Tour' specialise in local tours, showcasing Northern Ireland's produce, places and people. Paperjam was approached to create the Look & Feel for this young and exciting business. 'Taste & Tour' believe that the best way to get to know a city is through its food and drink… and we couldn’t agree more!

The team really enjoyed the challenge of coming up with a unique piece of branding that not only displayed the tastes and charms of Northern Ireland, but also appealed to a larger global audience.

Throughout our research, we noted that food tours around the world have a consistent approach in their visual identities:

they utilise cutlery relating to the food topic, or they play on the location of the tour and implement city scapes.

We discredited both of those directions and created an identity more subtle: with the map pin being part of the “&” in 'Taste & Tour', implementing the importance of location into the logo.


For the Marketing Collateral Paperjam decided to combine the idea of a dot to dot drawing game with the visual style of a treasure map, with the Illustrations symbolising the local produce the visitor gets to taste on the tours.

Like on a dot to dot drawing or on a treasure map, the journey goers are connecting map pins on their journey of taste.
With this motif, we are avoiding actual country borders or shapes.
When cropped in the illustrations could be any border of any location.

Through the vibrant colour choices the brand achieves a variable look while still being one family. 'Taste & Tour' offer the renowned Belfast Food Tour, 'Meet The Brewer' Brewery Tour, and Belfast Bar Tour, amongst others so make sure to check it out.


“So there you have it. Belfast is a wondrous cornucopia, and you've got to pay a visit.”

Geraldine Gittens, Irish Independent


Paperjam did a fantastic job in creating a unique, eye catching brand that makes us stand out in our market. The feedback has been immensely positive.
Phil Ervine, Director