The Bishop of London

We were introduced to Richard John Carew Chartes, The Bishop of London, in October 2011. At that time the Bishop did not have a brand for himself and had been using the Diocese branding in all his correspondence. The Bishop wanted a brand for his own personal use, which would be separate to the Diocesan brand.

We were commissioned to create a brand for the Bishop that would be modern and help him connect with the church’s ever younger audience, while still referencing his historic role.

As a first step we researched the Bishop of London’s Family Crest. We then contacted the Royal College of Arms and consulted the Bluemantle Pursuivant to find out some useful information about the history of coats of arms and Chartes’ personal family crest.

The Bluemantle Pursuivant advised that the Arms of Bishops are quite often shown on shields in front of a crozier, or a pair of crossed croziers, which are a form of shepherd’s crook carried by bishops and conferred on them at their consecration.

From this advice we decided to recreate a historical crest using a modern illustrative style that brings the crest up to date but at the same time reflects heritage and authoritative qualities. We contacted a professional illustrator, Marcelo Oliveira, from Portugal, to help create a coat of arms that contained the Latin phrase Amor Vincit Omnia “Love Conquers All”, at the request of Richard Chartres himself.


Throughout the design process we consulted the Royal College of Arms to ensure that the crest they were designing adhered to the Bluemantle’s advice.

The biggest challenge we faced was how do you create a modern brand while still referencing its historical significance. To address this we created a typeface that was based loosely on a copperplate type to reflect the historical importance of the Bishop’s role.



The colour was an integral part of the crest. Following additional advice from the Bluemantle Pursuivant with regard to red being the colour of London we decided that a red would be the perfect colour for the new brand. It was important that we avoided the Post Office red and the red associated with London Transport. After thorough experimentation we decided on PANTONE 186. The Bishop now uses the exact Pantone colour of red as his writing ink and signs all his correspondence in the brand colour.

As Chartres is a keen environmental campaigner we suggested that all his printed materials were printed on a sustainable source and suggested Conqueror Bamboo which combines a traditional look while still being kind to the planet.


We presented the final brand to The Bishop of London in the Deanery near St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Bishop was delighted with the modernised crest that referenced the history and importance of his job. 

The finished branding has also received wider critical acclaim - being featured in Creative Review, The Belfast Telegraph and Under Consideration.

'Love Conquers All.'


After the initial success of his new branding The Bishop later asked Paperjam to create a sub-brand for use in ‘The Bishop of London’s Mission Fund’. With the successful creation of a sub-brand Paperjam also went on to design all the print materials needed for the fund.


After the successful delivery of the two design projects for the Bishop Paperjam would go on to work with him again – creating a brand and website for LDN Connection. LDN Connection is a project set up by Ken Costa and the Bishop of London to help lobby decision makers and create channels of communication between the London community and those making decisions on their behalf after the London riots in 2012.


Paperjam have been first class at helping us to look at various options and to arrive at a suite of designs which are both contemporary and yet echo our 1400 years of ministry as a Diocese.
Richard John Carew Chartes - Bishop of London