The Diocese of London

Paperjam Design started working with the Church of England’s Diocese of London in 2010, working on small design projects such as posters and email templates.

When Paperjam asked for the original Diocese of London logo to use on their artwork they received a low-resolution jpeg (an unusable blurry image) that was being used by both The Diocese and The Bishop of London. Paperjam highlighted that there were two different voices coming from the one brand. After it had been highlighted to them, the Diocese recognised the need to separate the two and give each one its own brand

The marketing team commissioned Paperjam to create a new corporate identity for the Diocese. They needed branding that communicated on several levels to various audiences including bishops, clergy, local parishes and community leaders right through to church goers.

Paperjam were originally briefed by the Diocese to create a brand that was modern, not overly pastoral and that would appeal to young people. After an initial meeting with representatives of the church,it became apparent that the brief needed to change. In consultation with the clergy we discovered the need for a brand that acknowledged the history of the organisation but would also sit comfortably with the Church of England’s branding


After extensive research and with consideration for the brief, we created 6 visual directions for the brand and were given the opportunity to present the 6 designs to 22 Bishops of the Diocese including the Bishop of London himself.

The final design was agreed at this presentation and we began work on the marketing collateral the Diocese would need to launch their new branding with brochures, reports, signage and a new responsive website.

The Diocese corporate brand is now used consistently across all Diocese communications giving the organisation a stronger visual presence while coherently delivering their message.

After the success of the rebranding exercise we then went on to help design and brand the Diocese Riverside Programme, The Church Of England at King’s Cross Central programme and The Diocese’s Child Protection Policy. And In March 2013, we were contacted again to help the Diocese launch their Capital Vision 2020. Capital Vision 2020 is the Diocese of London's vision for the next seven years. It comprises three major themes, with 10 specific areas in which the Diocese plan to be more purposeful and imaginative.


The formulation of the Capital Vision 2020 began in 2012 with a consultation with over 1500 people who were involved in discussions, conversations, tweets (@dioceseoflondon #CV2020) and emails. 

Three major themes emerged as the Capital Vision 2020

Confident in speaking and living the gospel of Jesus Christ
Compassionate in serving communities with the love of God the Father
Creative in reaching new people and places with the power of the Spirit


Paperjam created separate artwork for each theme ‘Confident, Compassionate & Creative’ with interlinking styles and complimentary colours, while ensuring there was coherent branding across all marketing materials and the Diocese of London branding was referenced throughout.

We wanted to distinguish each theme in the Capital Vision 2020 with a representative image and graphic style. The colours chosen referenced the visible spectrum of light, which in turn subtly referenced that this is a ‘vision’, a way of looking forward to 2020. 

We were able to design a launch pack for the Diocese that contained a branded oyster card holder, a letter from the Bishop of London, postcards, pens and other marketing collateral. We also designed temporary displays for St Paul’s Cathedral to help reinforce the visual style at the launch and contributed to the graphic style of a CV2020 video.

The vision was successfully launched by The Bishop of London on 6 June 2013 at St Paul's Cathedral in front of 2,000 dignitaries, ministers and churchwardens from across the Diocese.


As the Capital Vision 2020 campaign was going to be such a significant part of the Diocese’s vision for the next 7 years, Paperjam were also given the task to incorporate their Capital Vision visuals into the interior offices of Chapel House using applied graphics signing systems for all three floors of interior space.

The team at Paperjam have really helped us to transform our visual identity. We initially asked them to design a single poster for us. It soon became clear that they would make excellent partners in a full-scale rebrand.
Robert Hargrave - Communications Manager, London Diocesan Fund