The Church of England asked Paperjam to help create a bespoke learning desk for the Desmond Tutu Desk Charity. Of course we accepted, we also waved our fees once we learnt just how much good work the charity is doing. It was such a great project to be involved with and the photos we were sent from Angola reinforce it doesn't take a lot to make a difference.

Over 95 Million Children in Sub Saharan Africa don’t have the advantage of a school desk. Without a writing surface, the sustained development of literacy skills is unattainable. The Desmond Tutu campaign aims to provide 20 million of these portable writing surfaces to 20 million children by the year 2020, improving literacy development and learning.

One of these sponsors is ALMA, the diocesan partnership between the Anglican Church in Angola, London, and Mozambique. The official launch of the ALMA Tutudesk initiative took place at the annual ALMA Sunday service on at St Paul’s Cathedral and marks the expected delivery of 2,200 Tutudesks to schools in Mozambique.

As well as providing a portable, flat surface on which to read and write, the Tutudesks include a number of learning aids, including the alphabet, a map of Africa, a clock, a ruler, a multiplication square, maths symbols, shapes and colours.  

Thank you so much Paperjam for journeying with us through the ups and downs of this initiative. The plus side is they look fantastic and I think we have every reason to be very proud of them.
Sheenagh Burrell - ALMA Coordinator