University of Oxford

In 2012 Paperjam had the exciting opportunity of working with Somerville College - University of Oxford to create a brand identity for their new Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Fund.

Margaret Thatcher arrived at Somerville (as Margaret Roberts) in 1943 to study Chemistry. After four years as a research Chemist, Margaret Thatcher went on to a career in Law. She became the MP for Finchley in 1959 and, in 1979 Britain’s first female Prime Minister.

The Scholarship Fund will give young people who succeed “against the odds” the opportunity to study at the University. Ten “Thatcher scholars” will be selected from around the world every year. The college hopes to raise around £100m to fund the scheme and they anticipate the first ten scholars will study at the University by 2015.

The introductory documentation produced by Paperjam has now been circulated to world leaders and other dignitaries from around the world.


Paperjam wanted to create a look and feel for the scholarship fund that eluded authority and heritage. With a soft colour palette and elegant imagery Paperjam were able to create a brand identity and documentation that effectively conveyed the authoritative qualities of the fund.

Margaret Thatcher herself was the recipient of a scholarship and bursary during her time at Somerville, and, when she was Prime Minister, wrote to the college’s then-principal to express her gratitude.


Paperjam wanted to reflect this letter of gratitude in the design by including The Lady Thatcher’s signature and transcripts of the original letter in the design of the scholarship’s introductory booklet.

The introductory documentation produced by Paperjam has now been circulated to world leaders and other dignitaries from around the world requesting philanthropic support for the scheme.

Paperjam are continuing to work with Somerville College - University of Oxford and are currently in discussion with the University regarding their online digital strategy and other marketing materials required in the run up to the launch of the initial scholarships in 2015.

When we began to work with Paperjam we were particularly impressed with the rapid response to all our queries and suggestions and would not hesitate to recommend them.
Alexandra Hemming – University of Oxford