Van Morrison: Roll With the Punches

Motion credit: Streetmonkey

Van Morrison releases his 37th studio album on the 22nd of September '17... and with that, every album launch needs an album cover, tour merchandise, press adverts, social media campaigns, and more. This is where Paperjam have come in!

We're very excited and proud to announce that we've been working with Van Morrison and his team to produce all of the visual materials surrounding the release of 'Roll With The Punches'. The album features four new original Van Morrison songs, along side some stellar tributes to many songs that you may already be familiar with, from the likes of Sam Cooke to Walter Jacobs.

The iconic image at the forefront of the material (taken by Belfast photographer Richard Wade) features boxers Phil Townley and William Mitchell in an epic showdown in a local venue. 


If you want to order the album, you can do so via Van Morrisons official merch store.



Delighted with the job that Paperjam did on Van Morrison. They were very reactive and coped incredibly well with what seemed to be an ever expanding list of asset requirements. Very happy with the creative too.
Keith Sweeney, Caroline Music