Watch | Portfolio Management

Watch Portfolio Management are a new company set up to replace the IVA Watch business that resided within Grant Thornton UK. The management team extracted the business from Grant Thornton via Management Buy Out. 

The new company provides a leading outsourced management service to UK-based financial service organisations - a mix of front-end lenders and specialist asset management companies.

Paperjam were contacted to help the three partners, who had coordinated the Management Buy Out, create coherent branding and design for the new debt management company they were setting up. Paperjam had little over a month to go before the company’s launch date and had to generate a company name, a brand, marketing materials, signage, email signatures and a website for their new venture in this tight space of time.

Paperjam wanted to reflect the high-end level of service, importance and expertise that the three partners were offering in their company brand. Due to the serious nature of the data management, Paperjam also wanted their branding to be authoritative and reflect the knowledge that the three partners were bringing to the new business. The partners already had a suggested name selected ‘Watch’ - being a service provided by the company - and ‘Portfolio Management’ - reflecting the entire range of services offered.


Paperjam took inspiration from the heritage, quality and high-end nature of a modern graphic interpretation of a traditional / historic shield.


Paperjam had to create a brand that would set them apart from their predecessor Grant Thornton, the design team wanted to ensure all colours, typefaces and design were far removed from the Grant Thornton brand.

For the visual direction of the brand Paperjam took inspiration from the heritage, quality and high-end nature of a modern graphic interpretation of a traditional / historic shield.

Watch Portfolio Management provide high value business intelligence and detailed reporting for their clients - that includes some of the world’s major banks. Therefore the brand had to translate well internationally, with clients throughout the UK, US and worldwide.

Paperjam overcame these issues by making the visual element and brand colours strong enough that it would be recognisable in any setting, reflect authority and stand out from Grant Thornton. Paperjam created a shield to reference the strong authoritative qualities of the company, with the bond between the partners also referenced through an interlinking pattern in the shield. Paperjam went on to choose a colour palette of golds and greys to reinforce the high-end, authoritative qualities of the company.

Once the final design had been confirmed and before the company’s official launch in April Paperjam began to integrate the branding into the company’s architectural and interior signage, stationary and introductory advertising which helped bring consistency to all company communications and helped the company look and feel more established, raise their profile and command respect in the insolvency industry.

With Paperjam’s help the Partners at Watch Portfolio Management have been able to launch their new venture successfully on the official day of switch over from Grant Thornton.

After the first week of trade Watch had an important client coming to their company offices to inspect their security measures for data management. Keen to impress their prospective client Watch asked Paperjam to help create additional graphics to add privacy to their offices. Within the quick turnaround time Paperjam where able to design, manage print and installation of all the necessary interior signage - which helped secure the new client for the company.

Watch Portfolio Management have been trading for only a few months and have already seen their client base grow, so much so, they have now had to employ over 18 staff in their Lisburn Offices. Watch are currently planning to expand with plans for a new office in Dublin.