Franklins Estate Agents

Franklins Estate Agents

Advertising, Branding, Print & Social Media


Franklins Estate Agents are based in Co. Donegal, Ireland, and we have been working with them since early 2006, making them one of our longest standing clients. Managing Director Paul Franklin approached us asking for a brand that would help his new company stand out among the crowded market of estate agents in the South of Ireland.  


Coming from a strong property background developed over years of practicing in southwest London, Paul Franklin had a lot of useful insights for us to draw on when considering a direction for this brand.

Visual Direction

Early on in the project, we recognised the need for the Franklins brand to have some kind of icon which could be used in isolation for the purpose of attracting peoples attention to Franklin’s registered properties. To this end, we developed a balanced and simple “F”, which went on to become the main focus of the Franklins brand as a whole.

As Franklins where just starting to grow their business, they needed a large host of materials created and tailored to their needs, including business cards, for sale signs, letting forms and much more. As the company has gone from strength to strength, this list has only grown in magnitude, and now includes informational brochures, a more developed website and photography and video production among other things.

As mentioned before, Franklins have recently launched there “28” service, which aims to get people into their new homes in as little as 28 days. As time went on, the 28 offering became more and more what made Franklins so special in the property market, and as such decided to make this a bigger part of their brand.