Little Wing Pizzeria

Little Wing Pizzeria

Advertising, Branding & Print


Little Wing Pizzeria began life as an idea, to build a restaurant brand that could grow and become franchisable as quickly as possible. Entering the market at the mid-high end of both the price & quality spectrum, this new chain would be competing for market share against established brand names such as Pizza Express.

Paperjam were asked to create the Brand Visual Identity and develop a style that could be expanded upon easily while keeping an air of defiant independence.


We would then become the Brand Guardians of a small restaurant with big ideas, asked to keep a watchful eye on all the marketing and publicity as the company grew. While we continue to look after everything Little Wing produces, this case study relates to the development of the Brand and the roll-out across their first premises.

Visual Direction

With all our Branding clients, Paperjam produce a set Brand Guidelines detailing the key parts of the Visual Identity which should not change. We then use this guideline ourselves to roll out the identity across all the necessary material. For Little Wing, these materials included everything from the staff uniforms to the children’s menu and the pizza boxes to the toilet signs. We have adapted our designs to suit the Little Wing online presence and developed eye-catching icons for use on the official social networking channels. We have just completed the job of applying the Little Wing brand to a bespoke iphone application to encourage Word of Mouth among their dedicated fanbase.