The Lansdowne Hotel Brand

The Lansdowne Hotel

Branding, Advertising & Print


Located on the well-known Upper Antrim Road, The Lansdowne was recently purchased with the new owners approaching Paperjam which a much needed rebrand.

In recent year the Lansdowne has been seen with a negative reputation with news articles stating, “as being like Fawlty Towers”. The new owners wanted to bring a new life to this once thriving hotel, with a brand refresh being the main task at hand.

The new owner’s vision was to create a venue which would lead and promote local entertainment for the city of Belfast.


As the new owner’s envisioned a place for local entertainment talent, Paperjam began their research by looking at all forms of music, film, and other entertainment advertisement that had been created throughout the years. From The Who to Queen, The Smashing Pumpkins to Ray Charles, Paperjam looked at them all.

Rather than providing the hotel with an unoriginal, common approach to branding, the goal was to achieve a visual identity that was unique and reflect the entertainment industry.

Visual Direction

Throughout the research Paperjam came out with the conclusion of emulating the 1970’s. With a bright bold colour palate that worked beautifully with a bespoke, bold typeface, provided the perfect combination for the rebrand, making it completely unique to current hotels, not just in Belfast but Ireland as a whole.

With the new owner’s completing a full rebrand, there was a great need for products such as menus, napkins, notebooks, media advertisement, wedding brochures, Christmas advertisement and special event products such as Belfast Pride to be produced. Paperjam produced all of these products, advertisement and more in the unique Lansdowne way, relating everything back to the entertainment industry.

One of the main forms of expanding the visual identity beyond the name, was through the use of song lyrics, from pride t-shirts with “feel the love” to press advertisements with “on the road again”, these stunts shows the vision of the entertainment industry clear and that the Lansdowne is back for good.