Werewolf Food Brand

Werewolf Food

Branding, Advertising & Print


Founders of Brookevale Kennels Chris and Bridgeen, have been friends of Paperjam for several years, and came to our team with a new idea – to create a fun and personable brand for their new venture into the dog food market. From years working with man’s best friend, they spotted a gap in the market for wholesome and honest dog food, and knew they could produce something different from (and better than)anything else on the market.


Research into the market quickly showed that they were right. The dog food market is very homogeneous, with few companies thinking outside the realms of green fields and blue skies. Brookvale’s new dog food needed to be memorable, quirky, charming, lighthearted and witty.

In order to create something that was more personality-led, youthful, bold and energetic we began looking at pet portraits and the relationship between dog and owner. Every dog expresses its own personality and so we came up with an illustrative approach to visually portray this through humorous sketch mark-ups to give the brand its new look and feel.

Visual Direction

Next, was the name. Paperjam brainstormed several quirky names to stand apart from the competition, and the founders fell for this one – Werewolf Food.

A strong colour palette of red, blue and yellow provided a colour combination that would match and suit the brand’s fun personality. The typography is upbeat, friendly and comic to visually translate an excitable personality which matched the vision, brand identity, voice and tone being achieved by Paperjam.