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Young at Art is one of Northern Ireland’s leading children’s arts not-for-profit companies and home of Young at Art Events and the Belfast Children’s Festival. From its base in Belfast’s city centre, Young at Art coordinates not only an international festival and a touring events agency, but also a wide variety of projects that encourage children and young people under 18 to enjoy the arts.

The charity previously housed 3 brands under one umbrella, Young at Art as a charity, Young at Art Events and the Belfast Children’s festival. The brand was fragmented and losing the potential for promotion and marketing of the charity as well as the opportunity to blend target audiences. They wanted to create one visual identity to encompass all three brands identifying all events and festivals as Young at Art endeavours.


We created a visual identity which is easily recognisable. Regardless of the event or festival the brand message of Young at Art will be delivered to all targeted audience on a broader scale.

This was evident at the launch of the Belfast Children’s Festival 2015 which was delivered very much on brand. The new branding look and feel had been launched in November 2014 so the visual identity of the charity had been receiving exposure for 6 months and this event was unmistakably a Young at Art enterprise.

Visual Direction

The colours and logo had been carried through into every aspect of this event with the Y from their logo being brought to life various creative ways. The staff and volunteers were all dressed in brand t-shirts, and merchandise had been created to produce goody bags. Director Ali FitzGibbon was able to deliver a corporate message and presentation while dressed beautifully in brand colours.

The 3 dimensional Y symbol came from the idea of merging the 3 main parts of the company as well as showing the depth of work that Young at Art do. This solitary Y simplified all the various names and words in the three brands, into one stand out symbol.

With the Y as the core of the new brand we added one bright colour and a set of patterns that formed the overall look and feel of the brand. The patterns and colours are exchangeable to enable Young at Art to devise a new look for events and festivals year on year without changing the core of the brand. This gives them ownership of their brand.